Wabocord (Detonating Cord)(BLASTING ACCESSORIES)

Wabocord consists of a core of high explosive contained in polythene and wrapped in various layers of cotton/jute yarn. The detonating cord is then coated with PVC, giving it a high tensile strength and making it water proof. The structure of Wabocord assures its efficient field performance as it is unaffected by both heat and cold within a wide range from –60° c to 30° c.

Technical Data

Velocity of detonation

6000-7000 m/sec

Water resistance

Water proof, can withstand pressure of 25 meter water head for 48 hours.

Explosive grammage

10 ± 1 g/m


4 reels of 250 meters each, packed in a cardboard box.

Safety Fuse

Safety fuse consists of a central core of specially formulated black powder with jute and cotton countering. Waterproofing is done by bitumen, wax as well as PVC. It is designed to propagate flame to the plain detonator within specified time limits.

Technical Data

Burning Time

100-120 m/sec Suitable for damp and dry conditions.


PVC / Bitumen


4 reels of 250 meters each, packed in a cardboard box.

MS/Hs Electric Delay Detonators

Milli second and half second electric delay detonators are meant to effect delayed blasting action in multi-row bench blasting and tunneling. This action greatly improves blasting results as better fragmentation and ground vibration control is achieved. For surface blasting only, MS delays are used while in underground blasting, a combination of both MS and HS detonators is employed.