.308 Win Sporter Rifle


The ‘sporter’ cal .308 Winchester has been designed as a hunting rifle with the firing mechanism of G3A3 in semiautomatic mode. The accuracy of the gun has been enhanced with a freely floating extended barrel and a mil standard pictanny rail for mounting telescope.

 Calibre 7.62mm x 51 NATO 0.308 win
 Magazine 5 round, box magazine
 Type of Fire Semi automatic
 Muzzle Velocity 770-790 m/s
 Muzzle energy 3000 NM
Rear Rotary rear sight with 4 adjustments 100m 'V' sight and 200, 300 & 400m aperture sights, adjustable for windage and elevation.
Front Fixed hooded post front sight
Length of standard weapons 1096 mm.
Barrel length:      521 mm.
Barrel grooves 4 grooves right hand twist 305 + 10 mm lead
Effective Range 600 m