Semi Automatic Precision Sniper Rifle PSR 90

The Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle, PSR 90 cal. 7.62 mm x 51 NATO is amodern combat rifle combining the accuracy of a sniper rifle with the firepower of a machine gun. It is produced in accordance with the most advanced manufacturing methods. The rifle is designed for semi-automatic fire and can be fired from any shooting position. The Sniper Rifle is recoil operated weapons with free floating barrel and delayed roller-locked bolt system and is fed from a 5 or 20 rounds magazine. Each rifle is provided with means to mout a telescope.
TECHNICAL DATA(Semi Automatic Precision Sniper Rifle PSR 90)


7.62 x 51 mm (.308 Match)


Roller delayed blow back Semi-automatic

Muzzle Velocity

870 m/s

Effective Range

1000 M


5 or 20 rounds magazine

Weight with tlescope

8.1 kg (empty magazine)

overall length

1158 mm


Heavy (Polygon profile)

Barrel length

600 mm


Polygonal four grooves right hand twist

Trigger Pull

1.6 kg (Optional)


Telescope 5.5-22 x 50 NXS (optional 6 x 42 Telescope)


90 mm group at 300 M

Butt stock

Fully adjustable


Suppressor, telescope and carrying sling


Each weapon in apolythene bag, 5 weapons in a cardboard carton. Two cartons then placed in a wooden box.
Packing can be arranged as per the requirement of the customer.