It is a gas operated, air cooled, belt-fed, automatic weapon to be used for infantry personals, the product features are compact structure, light weight, easy operation, reliable performance and used friendly
Caliber 12.7X108 mm
Overall LENGTH 1500 mm
Width 520 mm
Total Weight 30 ± 2kg
Length of barrel 1003 mm
Sight range 1500 – 1600 m
Elevation -260~ +730
Traverse movement 3600
Muzzle velocity 810m/sec
Rate of fire, cycle 540 ~ 600 rounds/min
Life of barrek 3500 rds
Assembling time ( mount) 5min 20sec
Disassembling time (mount) 4min 30sec
Assembling Time (Gun with mount) ≤ 1 min